News letter software in Zimbabwe

Posted on May 11, 2022 by Admin

Digital Vocano » Newsletter Plugin

Digital Vocano Seo Panel Newsletter Plugin will help you to send newsletter to all of your subscribers, track how many read newsletter and also manage all of your subscribers.

Main features of Newsletter Plugin

1) Easily create Newsletter under different campaigns and sent it to multiple email lists.
2) Newsletter Open tracking, Click tracking and Unsubscribe Features are available
3) You can create Subscriber widgets for email list easily and add it anywhere in our site,blog etc
4) Easily manage and import new subscribers to corresponding email list
5) We can schedule newsletter sending process in cron jobs
6) Daily, Graphical, Summary and Email Reports are available

There are lots of features under this plugin

Steps to Start Sending Newsletter

1) Create a new newsletter camapaign
Newsletter => Campaign Manager => New Campaign
2) Create a Email List
Newsletter => Email List Manager => New Email List
3) Import Emails to Email List
Newsletter =>Import Emails
4) Create Newsletter Manager
Newsletter => Newsletter Manager => New Newsletter
5) Send a test newsletter
Newsletter => Newsletter Manager => Take "Send Test Mail" from action box
6) Send Newsletter
Newsletter => Newsletter Manager => Take "Send Newsletter" from action box
Newsletter => Cron Command
7) Newsletter Reports
Newsletter => Newsletter Reports
It contains all types of reports like Summary, Daily, Graphical and Email reports.
8) Add subscribe code to your site
Newsletter => Generate Subscribe Code => Copy and paste code into your website, blog, forum etc to subscribe new users to your email list.