Directory Importer

Posted on August 22, 2021 by Admin

Digital Vocano » Directory Importer

Directory Importer plugin will help us to import our own directories to seo panel using simple and easy interface.

- Also this plugin contains 1000 active multi language directories to submit your websites for lifetime.

Main features of Directory Importer

a) Help us to add any number of directories to seo panel using very simple steps
-Also it contains about 1000 active multi language directories.
-Note: currently it will work with phpld directories

b) The directory manager section will help us to edit,delete and check status of all directroies

c) Using Check status section we can check status of directories manually

d) Using cron script we can check the status of directories automatically on periodic intervals

e) Using cron script we can check the status of our submission to different directories automatically on periodic intervals

f) The plugin settings section will allow us to manage users and cron execution

Link Diagnosis

Posted on August 22, 2021 by Admin

Digital Vocano » Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis plugin for Digital Vocano Seo Panel will help you to get a complete detailed report about your backlinks and you can also easily track the backlinks of your competitors.

Using the reports generated by Link Diagnosis plugin you can compare the backlinks of your site with competitors and can do needful steps to improve the search position for a particular keyword.

Steps to generate reports

i) Create a Project for a website

ii) Create a Report under a project and by adding website url to it.

iii) Start report generation from Reports Manager, you can also stop report generation for some time and can restart it easily.

iv) Check reports from View Reports section.

v) Admin can change the settings from Plugin Settings section

Main features of backlinks reports search engines

a) Total number of backlinks for a website with anchor text
b) Total number of unique anchor texts for a website
c) Backlink details - google pagerank, Anchor, Outbound Links,Link Type etc
d) Which pages are the most popular ones with most number of backlinks
e) Which anchor text is the most popular one in list of backlink anchors
f) Export and print the reports for future use

Article Submitter & Spinner

Posted on August 22, 2021 by Admin

Digital Vocano » Article Submitter & Spinner

Article Submitter & Spinner plugin Panel will help you to create article and submit it to directories and blogs..

Important Feature:

You can directly search in search engines and easily use the search results to create the article.

Main features of Article Submitter & Spinner plugin

a) Article Spinner

- Use a search keyword for article creation and search in different search engines
- Select required search results and add it to article

b) Article Submitter

- Submit created article to corresponding blogs and directories.
- Currently it will support wordpress blogs and seo panel blogs. Next version will support phpLD & blogspot.

c) Report Manager

- Provide the status of submissions and blog links approved.
- Manage the skipped submissions

Local Search Engines Package

Posted on August 22, 2021 by Admin

Digital Vocano » Local Search Engines Package

We are providing Local Search Engines Package for google,yahoo and bing to add in to Seo Panel keyword position checker., and

It will help you to track your keyword position in local search engine domains. To track the perfomance of your keywords in local search engines please download this package.

Actually Local Search Engines Package is introduced to get support for future development of seo panel.